Friday, November 6, 2009

Roseville is an old Gold Rush and railroad town located just east of Sacramento. In 1906, the Southern Pacific Railroad established itself in the town, where it remains today as the largest rail yard on the West Coast.
As its economy grew, Roseville was incorporated in April 1909.

The town retains much of its old charm, yet has developed pedestrian friendly sidewalks and crosswalks
as well as ample street parking, rendering the community quite tourist-friendly.

However, many of the quaint, family-owned businesses seem to have recently closed, such as the Dainty Pastry pictured above (a disappointing discovery!).

The McRae Building, former home of Richardson's furniture store.

Left: Tower Theater, built in 1940 and still used for the arts and entertainment.
Right: The old Roseville Theater, founded in 1927 and recently fully restored.
Both theaters are now operated by Magic Circle Theatre, which also runs the state's largest Children's Theatre Workshop.

Roseville has plenty of local bars. The Onyx Club, top left, was opened as the Onyx Saloon in 1936. The building's history goes back even further--it was built in 1908 as a furniture store and converted to a hardware store in 1914.
Bottom left: 101 Main is a full sports bar and restaurant
Top right: The Boxing Donkey Irish Pub is a newer establishment, though it is housed in the neat old Barker Hotel, famous for its Prohibition era speakeasies.
Bottom right: The Owl Club, founded in 1934, is the oldest bar in Roseville.

The Bank of Italy building, with quite the history: The 1886 site of a private home, it was then converted in 1907 to Roseville Banking & Trust, and acquired by the Bank of Italy in 1920. The present building was constructed in 1927 for Bank of America, which remained until 1966 when the Roseville Press Tribune took residence until 1976. It now sits restored and vacant, awaiting its next resident!

More local flavor.

Some cute homes from the surrounding neighborhood:

All and all, the revitalization of the Roseville Old Town is a recent undertaking, which shows in its slightly empty, lonely atmosphere. However, one can tell that the movement is just getting started, and is headed in the right direction. Just reopen that pastry shop, and they will come!

B&W photos #1 & #2: Carnegie Museum
B&W photo #3: City of Roseville

Historical information gathered from: The Sacramento Bee
Carnegie Museum & City of Roseville


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