Thursday, July 15, 2010

The County Fair

This year, Greer and I have been craving a fair experience. Funnel cakes, lemonade, corn dogs, rickety rides and small farm animals sounded like the perfect way to pass a warm summer day. So on my birthday the two of us plus Derek set out on our adventure to the Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton. Turns out, it was pretty much as delightful as we had hoped. The only thing missing was a pie baking contest, but perhaps we will find that one day at a state fair. Here are a few snippets of the day.

An old fashioned apple peeling machine...just takes up a little space on your counter top...

The only thing cuter than small animals is small children petting small animals.

The main event of the day...All Alaskan Racing Pigs!

Mmm..brisket and curly fries!

And of course, that corn dog and lemonade!

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