Monday, July 5, 2010

A Good Ol' Benicia 4th

(That hat got around.)

The thing about the 4th of July celebration in Benicia is that you know what you're going to get--some may look at this as a bad thing, but we like it, because it is always quaint and festive.

This year included homemade sour cherry pocket pies and the ever popular parade on July 3.

I made the pocket pies from scratch--but since this kind of thing can be rather labor intensive, I definitely broke it down in stages and heavily utilized the freezer so that when I got home from work on Sunday (ugh, I know), I could just pop them right into the oven!

Perfect size for each person.

Then just top it off with a little fresh whipped cream...nothing better than patriotic pie!

And now some snapshots of the signature event (the parade, that is)...

Don't even talk to Greer about this. Teary eyed.


And don't forget the best part--dogs!

Until next year, Happy 4th of July! Can't believe it's already over...

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Kerry Rivers said...

I want a star pie!!! They look so good!