Saturday, August 28, 2010

We're Gonna Martha Like It's 1999

In our family, we don't do spring cleaning. We just kind of clean when inspiration strikes, and this year it struck one hot August day when we decided to tackle the garage. This activity yielded several serendipitous finds, not least among them a box full of old Martha Stewart Livings.

Among the oldest was this issue from July/August 1999. I actually remember this issue! The look of those frozen beverages had my mouth watering for days.

And upon further examination, I noticed this old issue had some great Main Street material. I especially love this feature on an old five-and-dime store in East Aurora, New York. Vidler's opened in 1930 and has hardly changed since then, even in pricing. The storefront's signage has remained untouched since 1969.

One interesting tidbit--the Vidler family, nervous that the store wouldn't succeed, initially named the venture The Fair Store. It was rechristened in 1946 to reflect the now profitable namesake.

Such cute wares. Has anyone been there? I would LOVE to go.

And then, for good measure, some neat Fourth of July-esque photographs in honor of the end (basically) of summer.

I'll take five of these please.
Martha has always had the best food photography.

Ah, the glory of summer. But I think it's pretty clear we're looking forward to Autumn!

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