Friday, December 3, 2010

The Christmas Transition

Happy December everyone! It feels like just yesterday I was saying I couldn't believe it was November...and now I feel the same way about this 12th month of the year!

While Greer is busy making Christmas ornaments (post on that coming soon), I thought I would give a little recap on good old Thanksgiving. We had such a pleasant day, despite the celebration taking place on Wednesday the 24th due to Hannah's having to work the holiday. It made no difference to us; we thanked a lot and ate even more.

Hannah preparing her glorious pumpkin pie.

Even better...her pecan tart!

Turkey done right...with bacon on top!

Hannah working her magic.

The buffet line...getting hungry writing this...

I could eat this whole thing of sweet potatoes....


Well, there you go, we had a great Thanksgiving and we are looking forward to an awesome Christmas!

On another note, we were recently honored by Notes from Holly St with the Stylish Blogger Award. I must say that I wish I could give the award back to her, as I love her adorable blog and am a big fan. Definitely check it out...however, the rules are to list seven things about yourself and then to pass the award to seven new blogs, so that is what we will do!

1. Greer and I are technically half sisters...Hannah is my full sister. But a lot of people say Greer and I look more alike. Go figure.

2. Greer may be the biggest fan of Walt Disney that ever lived. I'm not talking about the Disney company, but Walter himself. She knows everything there is to know on the history of Disneyland, if you have any questions just let her know.

3. My favorite thing to do with my free time is read and read and read. I believe that everyone should read East of Eden and The Fountainhead at some point in their lives.

4. Hannah's fairly recent appointment in a pastry kitchen keeps us all happy and full of rhubarb raspberry galettes and carrot cake cupcakes. We love it.

5. Posting on our blog makes us very happy, but we don't nearly do it enough. Must work on that.

6. We love (older) mini series--Anne of Green Gables and the BBC's Pride and Prejudice are the cream of the crop.

7. We are enjoying the Holiday season and never want it to end! (But when it does, we so look forward to spring...and summer...and fall again!)

And just a sampling of the fun and adorable blogs we enjoy:

Everybody's Gonna Love Today: Michelle and her hilarious stories and beautiful art.
Every Last Cookie: One of the great ideas ever: bake every Martha Stewart cookie in her book and post mouthwatering photos.
Love & Twenty Toes: Great photos, yummy baking, and cute kids!
Michael Thurin: He may not be posting so much any more but he beautifully captures the experience of living abroad in Florence for a year.
The Willows Blog: The blog site of an adorable Phoenix home shop.
Fifi Flowers: If you love art, Paris, and the finer things in life, you will love this cute blog.
Nie Nie Dialogues: This is a very widely read blog, but in case you've never read it, you should. It is pretty much the best.


Ashley said...

I love you guys


Alli said...

thanks for the link love!

Notes from Holly St. said...

great list!! I love East of Eden too and I would definitely love if you posted more often :)

p.s. your Thanksgiving celebration looks amazing! I'm missing all of the yummy food from that day...