Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A few of my [new] favorite things!

Just a couple things I have picked up in the last month or so...

I'm just a kid at heart!

Oops! How did he get in there? : )

I'm a sucker for anything tin.

My new spring/summer bag.

Perfect red nail polish.

I think I'm all set for spring!

- Greer


Notes from Holly St. said...

i'm a sucker for tins too and that nail polish color is gorgeous! now you've got me excited for spring!

Mary said...

I love that straw bag Greer! So cute, where did you find it?

Main Street said...

Oh, thank you! I found it in the Oxbow Market in Napa.

And thank you for stopping by our blog! Your blog is always a source for inspiration for me.