Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hearst Castle

This last weekend I went down to San Luis Obispo to visit my boyfriend AG.
We are both graduating college this spring ...our last year apart!
(I go to UCD, he goes to Cal Poly)

The beautiful hills of SLO.

We decided to take the hour drive up the coast to visit Hearst Castle. We had both been there before but it had been a while.

As we drove up Highway 1 the weather looked like this. ^
It was a beautiful day!

We knew there was a chance of rain and that the mountain tops looked a bit overcast but sure didn't expect to see what we saw!!

We boarded the bus that takes you to the top and after some twists and turns we finally made it!

Then suddenly....what are these white things falling from the sky?! We don't see those things in these parts!

It was snowing!!

In front of the Neptune Pool

So I know this isn't very exciting for those of you living in say...the East coast. BUT it is very exciting for us in little ol' California.

Okay, here begins the mini tour of Hearst Castle:

Beautiful ceiling in one of the guest houses.

I love this bathroom.


Many of the decorations date back to the 15th and 16th centuries.

The indoor Roman Pool is my favorite room in the Castle. I can't even describe how amazing it is!

-End of Mini tour-

Once we left the hills of San Simeon we were met again by the sun!
The photo above is of Morrow Bay.

If you haven't visited Hearst Castle I would very much recommend you do. The architecture is just lovely and it is so fun to see how the Hollywood stars of the 1920's and 1930's vacationed.

- Greer


Notes from Holly St. said...

i have always wanted to visit Hearst fun! and i would've been super excited about the snow too!

Jess said...

My husband and I drove down passed that way to go camping in LA and it rained and mountain tops had snow. And I had thought I had gotten away from it for the winter by living in California. Highway 1 is such a beautiful drive.
The Roman Pool looks pretty spectacular even from the pictures. Too bad I haven't had a chance to go visit the Castle.

Lovely blog by the way. I saw your comment over at Rock Star Diaries and decided to check out your site.

Main Street said...

Isn't California weather unpredictable? : )

Thank you for stopping by!