Friday, April 8, 2011

Book Banner

Some of you may have noticed a banner hanging from the ceiling in some of our posts.

Like this ^

I thought I'd share how I made it!

The book covers came from old books that were going to be tossed out.

Without the weight of the pages inside the covers rest perfectly over a string and don't need anything to stay in place.

If you have a house of book lovers (we could basically run a library out of here...) then this is a perfect decoration.

I made a trip to our local craft store with my sweet Grammy today and purchased a simple (fake) sprig of flowers. I don't usually go for the fake flowers, for obvious reasons, but I just loved the simplicity of these.

I grabbed this little pitcher to go along with it and I am so pleased with the way it turned out. Just lovely!!

- Greer


A Country Farmhouse said...

Hi Sisters ; )

What a great idea for a blog - can't wait to look around! Historic downtowns are one of my passions. What wonderful excursions you must have.

Notes from Holly St. said...

so it!