Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Purse

About two months ago, I took my own advice and ordered a purse from Duluth Pack. After seeing some of their bags featured in Country Living Magazine, I got a little impulsive and ordered an adorable khaki and leather number. I could just picture myself, in less than a week, sporting my own American-made classic.

The purse...though mine is in khaki.

To my dismay, I received an email the following day notifying me that my bag was back ordered and would perhaps not arrive for 6 to 12 weeks!! I was so disappointed, but then as I read on I actually became quite excited--they were working on hand making a bag, just for me. Because that's what they do at this place--bags are hand made, in Duluth Minnesota. It's really quite neat. So I've been waiting...

And on Monday, I got an email saying it's been shipped. It has yet to arrive, but I had to share my excitement with you all. I encourage you to buy from this place and ones like it...they've got great stuff!


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paula said...

having one hand made... now that is fancy! Have a great weekend.