Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trip to Tahoe

Hi there!
Remember me?
So I haven't been the best with posting lately but I am making a change...and I have a long post to prove it!

This past weekend my handsome boyfriend Austin took me on a trip to Tahoe. I love everything about this of my favorite parts of the trip was the drive up! I love that as you drive you see more and more pine trees until you suddenly find yourself surrounded by dense forests and walls of rock covered in snow.

The first day of our trip we took a drive down to the lake. It was cold and windy...and refreshing!!

What a background, eh?

I love him : )

The next day we decided to take a trip across the state line into Nevada. We read about a historic little town called Virginia City and just had to take a look.

The drive in was beautiful. Every sight made me think of the Gold Rush and all of the history of the area...but hey this is Greer talking, what do you expect?

It looked like a storm was brewing but fortunately (unfortunately? I like rain) it just kept on moving.

The town was amazing. It is full of history (read about it here) including tales of Mark Twain writing some of his first works there.

Me in front of a museum.

I literally felt like I walked back in time. (Except for some weird gift shops with pirate themed items. What is up with that? Keep it consistent people.)

This little scene is in the Mark Twain Book Store where I bought I book with his work written about the town.

When you looked over the mountainside you could see for miles...and miles...pretty incredible!

On our drive back to our hotel we made a stop at Spooner Lake. As we walked down to the lake, and I slowly looked around in fear of bears, we had to take pictures!

Once down on the lake (without coats) we were in awe of the beautiful setting!!
Some of the lake was frozen and I may have thrown a rock into it just to test it out...

^ Hottie!

We found a post and used the good old self-timer. See that pine cone? I loved it...but then I realized it was covered in sap and I sadly had to let it go. What a sappy story. Ba-dum-ch.

Eventually we had to drive back home and say goodbye to the pine trees :(

On our way home we had to make one more stop in the area known as Apple Hill.

We only stopped for a second to take a few shots and then we were on our way!

I love apple orchards...

It was an amazing trip!
Thank you Austin : )

And thank you all for looking through my many pictures!!!
I will be talking to you soon...

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