Thursday, October 31, 2013

October in Orange County

I have an hour and a half left to say, Happy Halloween! I hope everyone had a delightfully spooktacular day. I've been meaning to share some great pumpkin patch photos for a couple weeks, and thought I'd sneak them in here before the calendar flips to November.

Derek and I discovered one of the coolest pumpkin patches I've ever experienced at Irvine Regional Park. In fact, it was also just an amazing park in general, and the weather was warm yet still felt very autumny...It was, in a word, perfect. 

The theme was gold rush, and they really got the ambience right. They even had a little "haunted house" inside one of the buildings...I was too scared to go in until I saw a three year old come out of it, at which point I sent in Derek to scout...then I went in. I don't do well with haunted houses, but this one was neat and had the appropriate amount of spook. 

Tractor boy. 

The train running through the park was magical.

Panning for gold.

The park is complete with a lake-- you can even rent paddle boats to take time!

We then wandered into the Orange County Zoo, which is also located inside the park. It was small and had mostly regional animals, but there was something really neat and beautiful about it! I loved the bald eagles.

Derek found himself a mountain lion!

Ah, what a day! Goodbye October, I will miss you.

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