Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wooden Toys

I (Greer) have been making wooden figure toys lately. I got the idea to make them last weekend when Jessica (other main street sister) and I went to the local book store. There were wooden toys in the kids' section that were cute...but I just felt like I could make something that was more to my liking. So, here is how I do it!

1. I draw them out on a piece of pine wood.

2. I have my handy father cut them out for me:

Thank you Pops!

3. I paint the bad boy...and girl...and dog...and truck....

4. Ta-da! The finished product:


CK said...

Those are very cute, Greer! You are quite the talented little artist!


Kerry Rivers said...

Greer!! Those are amazing! You did such a great job!!!

Main Street said...

Thank you sisters!