Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Nostalgic Food Post

Every now and then I find myself craving treasures from past culinary adventures. Today I was thinking about my lovely trip to Nashville this last February, and I couldn't believe I hadn't blogged about the Elliston Place Soda Shop (they don't even have their own website--that's how old school they are).

Tucked into a quiet street adjacent to the Vanderbilt campus, this soda shop has been in business since 1938--in fact, it is the longest continually operating restaurant in Nashville. It's a burger and shake joint while also a traditional Southern meat-and-three diner. Basically, amazingness.

As I sometimes do, I made Derek pretend to pose while I stealthily snapped a shot of the bar decor, which I doubt has changed much throughout its 70+ years of operation.

And behold, the gorgeous chocolate soda. A little seltzer water, a good splash of chocolate syrup, a generous heaping of ice cream, plenty of whipped cream...and the quintessential cherry on top. There's nothing like devouring it in a place like Elliston's, but if you ever care to give it a go at home, this one's looking pretty good to me.


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Notes from Holly St. said...

There's something so charming and nostalgic about old soda shops. They remind me of simpler times. Wish we had more around today.