Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Greer and Kerry Day

Today was a Greer/Kerry kind of day.
I know I have posted pictures of Kerry on this blog before...but have I ever really introduced her?
Everyone, meet Kerry!
Kerry and I have been the best of friends since we were wee tots. Some things you should know about our friendship:
1. We are both very tall. Growing up she was tiny and I was a giant but somewhere in high school she sprouted.
2. We are really good at harmonizing together. We have always loved singing and our mothers always encouraged us to take lessons but we never really did. HOWEVER, we actually sing really well together? We get each other singing and we work it.
3. We like to do accents.
4. We both love Halloween.
5. We both have two older sisters and each sister is the same age. (In other words, Kerry and I are the same age, Hannah and Casey are the same age, and Jessica and Shannon are the same age). Each pair has the BFF status.

Ok, so today Kerry and I had lunch downtown at Randy's.
This is our usual spot...we love the chips and salsa!

Before lunch we walked around first street and rested in front of St. Paul's and drank out lattes.

After our cheese loaded lunch we went to the craft store so I could stock up on materials and decided on a nature walk at the state park.

Kerry made us do what she calls "anime eyes."
She's weird.

We climbed on equipment.

It was a beautiful day!!

Oops! How did this get in here?
: )

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Kerry Rivers said...

Heeee :) Yay for being weird and for being BFFs!