Friday, January 13, 2012


Today has been a crafting day.

I woke up this morning with the idea that I would make a pennant banner similar to the ones I usually make.
Except, today I decided I want to put more time into it and hand sew it.
This of course meant I would be spending my whole day doing it.

First I cut out my burlap triangle shapes along with felt backings.

Then I printed out the letters "HOME"
I pinned them to my fabric that I had in my fabric basket (oh yes, I have a basket full of these remnants!) and cut them out.

I then hand sewed them onto the burlap triangles.
The stitches may not be exactly straight...but that's what I like about it!

Louie sat and watched me sew.

The next step was to attach the felt to the burlap.
I used the hemming tape stuff. (What's it called?)
This part was fun...I like when the iron sizzles!!

Below is the finished product.
I'm very happy with it!

I'm going to make a couple more...I'll keep you posted!



Jess said...

Geer, that looks so great. I should try this myself sometime. Your Louie looks adorable as well.

Main Street said...

Thanks! I have a few variations on this project I'll be sharing soon : )