Friday, January 6, 2012

New look!

I spent some time today fixing the look of our blog.
I wanted it to look cleaner and more put together.
How did I do?

This picture below was how my day looked...
I drank my iced coffee (I got the recipe here) and got down to business.
It was full of frustrating moments..."where do I put this in my CSS?? What is a CSS??"
followed by moments of triumph! (notice the new fonts? Oh yes, I did that)

Here are some more new things going on over here...

Austin's family gave me a Jcrew gift card for Christmas (they know me so well!) and I wasted no time making purchases.

This shirt is one I have been looking at for a while. I loooove it.
The new clutch was found in the crewcuts section of the store. After I purchased I realized the inside was somewhat plastic-like. I think it may be a lunchbox...oh well this way if I spill anything it won't leak!
I'm loving stars right now. It is just a little splash of Americana that goes a long way.

Our Mom's birthday was last week. (Happy Birthday Mom!!)
I gave her this neat stand with nests and moss on top.
Cute, eh?

They look perfect on the mantle along with the bookends I bought her and other items I put together from other spots in the house.
I'm happy to have the Christmas decor down and have fresh new decor up!
(I took the Christmas decor down just days after the big day...It depresses me).

I hope you enjoy these new things!

- Greer


Kerry Rivers said...

I like the blog set-up(design?). Also, that iced coffee looks really good!

Jess said...

It looks really great. I hope you sisters start coming back around on the blog-world more often. Would love to see some more from California. I miss it.

Jamie said...

love the new blog set up! you are always being creative :)

Main Street said...

Thanks guys! I'm getting back in the blogging groove : )