Monday, April 2, 2012

Hello Again

Hello all!
We're back!

Yesterday Austin and I went on a trip to the Alameda Flea Market for the first time.
After days of rain and grey skies it was such a treat to have sunshine beating down on us.
The market is held at the former Naval Air Station with airline hangars on the left, cranes loading containers on the right, and the SF skyline straight ahead. It's really something!

I was fixated on the galvanized buckets and grain sack pillows from the get go but Austin took a little time warming up to the antique goods.
He was more interested in the cranes moving the large multi colored containers.
"I want to see one of the cranes drop a container in the bay!!! Can you imagine the splash??"
Yes dear, but let's focus on this farmhouse bench.
Just kidding- I'm sure the splash would be one to watch!!!

Once we got in the groove of going down one aisle and around the next we got to looking at all the little things and began having some real fun!
We found some amazing metal topped tables for a future outside garden space that Austin said he will one day make for us (let's avoid that $3,500 price tag!!) and fun ideas for future projects for me.

-Sf in the back-

It was a fun experience and I ended up with a few small purchases.
-The start of my new collection-

On our way back home we began craving burgers and made a stop at The Habit.
It was our first time there and boy was it good! I love a good burger.

It was an amazing day.

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Kerry Rivers said...

Cute little hankies! I had The Habit yesterday tooo!!!! After work.