Sunday, June 24, 2012

Disneyland 2012

Austin and I spent the weekend in Disneyland.
I love every moment of this trip- the drive down, the dirty hotel room, the parks...I love it!
We were both looking forward to the new Cars Land (more on that later) but that didn't mean we were going to go to California Adventure first thing in the morning. No, no, no. In order for me to start my Disneyland trip off right I must start with a walk down Main Street. 

I just had to pose with the window for Richard and Robert Sherman.
We took a peek in the new Jolly Holiday restaurant and saw the tribute to the lost pavilion mural.
The restaurant looked great.

We had lunch over at the French Market in New Orleans Square. The food was pretty good (not great) but I didn't care because I had a mint julep and the Royal Street Bachelors playing behind me. 
Although it may not seem like it from the picture above (I was sleepy) I was loving it!!!

Next up was the Haunted Mansion. The last few visits we've made have been during the Halloween/Christmas seasons when the mansion is done up with the Nightmare Before Christmas so it was so nice this time to see the classic version once again. 
I do love this ride.

Saturday morning I decided we had to eat at Carnation Cafe! I was impressed with the indoor/outdoor set up and liked not having to wait in line :)
There is something about the Carnation Cafe that is so wonderful. I love sitting along side Main Street, listening to the music, and watching the people walk by.

We hopped on the train and took it around the park and back to New Orleans Square. 
I used my cute sad face and convinced him to go on Splash Mountain with me.
He does not always love the feeling of being soaked and walking around the weird.

Of course we were seated in the front two seats and got completely soaked. I mean SOAKED. 
A wave went over our raft and onto our laps. Austin's socks were wet the entire day. It was lovely. : )

Radiator Springs at night

We went to Cars Land Saturday morning and went on Radiator Springs Racers. The regular line was 3 hours so we decided the 45 minute single rider line made more sense. This worked out perfectly because our cars ended up racing each other in the end. 
We were so impressed with the ride. It went indoors and out (similar to Splash Mountain without the water) and was charming and thrilling, all in one!

Cars Land as a whole was beautiful. It really came alive at night with the bright neon lights. It really felt like you were in the film! 

Buena Vista Street was beautifully done. 
My handsome Austin. What a hunk!

Front gate,
Have you noticed that my captions have gotten shorter and shorter? Oops!

The drive home.

He was the pilot of the vehicle.

And I was his co-pilot. My duties were to: sing Elvis songs in the proper Elvis voice, try to pull out the one long hair sticking off the back of his head, make mooing noises when we passed know, that kinda thing.

It was a great trip. Thank you Austin!