Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wedding Bells

Our sweet Main Street Sister Jessica is getting married this September.
Today we went to the City and found our bride a wedding dress!
I won't show you pictures of that (you have to wait til the big day!!) but I will give you a peek at our fun day.

Hannah and I waiting for her to come out in her first dress. Oh! She looked so beautiful.

After she found her perfect dress we drove back over the Bay Bridge to a calmer area in Berkeley for a late lunch.
We ate outside on the patio at Zut! and enjoyed the afternoon sunlight. 
The food was tasty (I ate a whole fish- head and all! Ok, it was like an inch long but I could still see there was a head under the batter) but what the restaurant really got right was the music. Ohhh the music. Chet Baker set the mood and we talked and laughed til we couldn't do it anymore. Well, that's not exactly true. Every moment you spend with my sweet Grandma (Grammy) is spent laughing. She is a HOOT!

Hannah and Me
Jessica and Grammy
I was happy she bought the dress of her dreams : ) 

Oh, did I mention Kyle was with us?
He walked around as we dress shopped and enjoyed a couple cocktails.
Sassy boy!



Jess said...

Congratulations on the engagement. How exciting for you sisters to get to be together for all that fun stuff. You three are so lucky to have each other and so close as well.
Happy wedding planning and of course fun times to be had.

Casey said...

I'm glad Jessica found her perfect dress! It sounds/looks like you had a great day!