Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer

Kerry and I love going on First Street walks. 
Now that Austin lives downtown and has to leave his pup Dakota at home while he's at work it is now my responsibility to let Kota out and give him some exercise.
The three of us have a grand ol' time walking down to the water where the wind attacks our hair and back up the street where the breeze is minimal and we begin to over heat.
It's enjoyable!
Here are some sights on our journey.

After our walk (and a trip to Michael's for some crafting supplies) we grabbed some sandwiches and set up a picnic at the City Park with blankets from my trunk. That's my excuse for not cleaning it! It has everything you didn't think you'd need!

We called it a day and I went home and whipped together a new banner for the shop.
With the Fourth of July coming up (yay!) I thought a "liberty" banner would be appropriate.
The letters are cut from a red bandana. I love me some red bandana. 


Kerry Rivers said...

Today was oh so fun! Especially the part where we sang Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Sound of Music, Nicki Minaj, and Look at Me Now in the car!!

Main Street said...

She gives me money!