Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fourth of July

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July.
I love this time of year because of the traditions that it brings.
Parades, fireworks, BBQs...
Benicia has the sweetest parade on July 3rd (today) that we just love.
We've posted about it in the past and will be posting about tonight's Torchlight Parade by the end of the week.
The Torchlight Parade got it's name in 1975 when Benicia Fire Department volunteers held torches to give light to First Street.
The town holds the parade on the 3rd rather than the 4th because in the early 1900's the town did not want to compete with it's neighbors in Vallejo who celebrated on the actual holiday. 
I like that it's set up this way because it gives us multiple days to celebrate.

 We are so fortunate to live in a small town with so much spirit and history.
 (A First Street parade circa 1910)

We love to drive (or walk) around the town and soak in all of the patriotism.
What is better than a row of turn of the century homes with flags flying and bunting framing their windows?
It is a sight to see!

We hope all of you have a great Fourth of July!
We are so proud to live in this great nation.

(Info & bottom image from  http://beniciaherald.me/)

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