Sunday, July 1, 2012

How was your weekend?

My Saturday began as most collecting snails from the bush in front of Gray house and putting them on top of the solar light fixture. They were so goopy! And one got really fizzy! 
Please don't lecture me on how I tortured them. I had fun, Austin had fun, they had fun, we all had fun.
Moving on...
After my hobby of collecting snails ended for the day we all hopped in the car with the boat hitched to the back and made our way up to Lake Berryessa. 
It was a beautiful day- not too hot/not too windy. 

 Old Glory

 I lounged.
Austin's arm became a sexy dragonfly mating spot.
(We swear we heard Marvin Gaye playing)
And now, my favorite picture of the day!
I call it, "Father and son apply too much sunscreen to their faces."

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