Tuesday, July 10, 2012

J Bird Birthday

Jessica's birthday was on Saturday. 
The big 2-7! 
We kept it pretty low key- a picnic in the park and a trip up to Napa for dinner.
I like to joke that she doesn't act a day over 5 : )
She is our pip and we love her!
Jessica and Derek compare legs (and leg hair)

Austin was obviously really excited to celebrate.

The picnic was pleasant.
I played the Patsy Cline station on my Pandora and we relaxed and took the sunshine in.

 Grammy the super model

Derek just can't help himself with the ladies.

We sat outside on the patio at Compadres
The weather was beautiful and the food was good.
Happy Birthday J Bird!

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Unknown said...

Thanks Gwee Gwee!! You sure do know how to make a birthday girl feel special!