Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back in Action

Hello blog world!
Lots of things are happening over in these parts and so our sweet little blog has been on the back burner. Next weekend our M.S.S. Jessica and her love Derek are getting married. Yes! The time has finally come! A couple weekends ago Hannah and I hosted her bridal shower and though I was worried and stressed about it (we're new to this thing!) it turned out to be a perfect little shower. We held it in our family home with my decorations and Hannah's amazing baked treats. It was a hit!

While we were away from the blog-o-world another fun thing happened...I (Greer) got engaged! Yes! It's true! AG and I are now engaged. We started dating my sophomore year of high school and now we're getting married! Pretty cool, eh?

Austin just joined a softball team in our little town and last night (at 8:50 pm!!) was their first game. The sisters grabbed some tea and hot chocolate and headed up to the community park and watched him play some ball! And he did not disappoint! He started the night with a in the park grand slam! That's my fiance ya'll!!! The sisters and I had lots of fun cat calling Austin and Mr. Stephen Hughes as they walked up to the plate and because we were the only people in the stands that came out to watch I think they felt pretty special.

Hey stud!

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Jess said...

Congrats Geer on the engagement. Very exciting. And good luck to your sister on her big day next weekend. Exciting times for you three.
The Bridal shower looked very cute.
Hope you all will have time for blogging when you have the chance.