Sunday, September 30, 2012

Autumn in the Air

Fall is in the air! I love this time of year...the pumpkins, the crispy air, the pumpkins (did I already say that?), "The Great Pumpkin Waltz" playing on repeat, Halloween decorations...It doesn't get any better. I think my love for this time of year is because of the memories associated with it. It brings back memories of elementary school and the paper decorations teachers would put up on the bulletin board. When I feel a cool breeze in the evening I can picture myself coming home from soccer practice and eating a big bowl of stew. My mom and I would always decorate the house for Halloween. We would always do the creepy kind of decorating and Hannah would always complain that she "hates the smell of those gross plastic decorations!!" Oh, I love it. No other season does what autumn does to me.

Here are some pictures of autumn so far:

My early fall outfit.

When Austin is at work I like to sneak down to his house and decorate. Usually it's a new picture on the wall a rearranging of the room...this time it was Halloween decorations. He always tells me his house looks better every time he comes home after work. I like him.

Grammy and I went shopping for Austin's upcoming birthday (25 years old this month!) and got lunch at Gott's in downtown Napa. She looks so pretty in this picture.
Sometimes I look at Austin and say holy moly you look really handsome!! and make him smile for a picture. This was one of those times.
I mean he always looks handsome but sometimes it's like woah!

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