Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Ghoulishly Good Time

Hi folks! It's Jessica here. Derek and I just returned from a trip to New Orleans--he got to present a poster at a neuroscience conference there! (We are so proud of him :) )
The trip meant plenty of sightseeing for me. New Orleans is a very unique and interesting city, and many things can be said about what it has gone through and how it continues to rebuild itself. But what I want to share is the creepy, festive spirit of, well, the spirits! There is a haunted feel to this place, and with Halloween just around the corner, there was plenty of decoration to boot.

So take a stroll through the French Quarter with me...

A creepy piece in the sculpture garden outside the New Orleans Museum of Art

Now, if the French Quarter wasn't creepy enough, we take a trip over to the Garden District, former home of The Vampire Chronicles author, Ann Rice. Her mansion is the left picture below. The right picture is of the nearby Lafayette Cemetery, with its New Orleans signature above ground crypts. Scenes from Interview with a Vampire were actually filmed here. Time to explore!

...and we emerge. I'll leave you with some more playful and cute Halloween fun, so you won't have any nightmares!

Happy Halloween!

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