Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Stroll

I hope everyone had a great Easter, and that you're all excited for April! I know we are; besides the beautiful spring weather, we've got Greer's bachelorette party (Giants game, here we come!) and her birthday as well.

Down here in Orange County, we had a lovely Easter day. We headed to Derek's grandparents for lunch with the family, followed by some jigsaw puzzling, candy and pie eating, and a nice walk through the neighboring Fairview Park Wetlands. This developing park is a series of man made ponds designed to filter polluted river run off (ironically, city founders had decided to get rid of the wetlands many years ago--now they are putting them back!). They've done a really nice job with the area to turn it into a scenic park with lots of interesting plant life, and plenty of birds are already making their homes. 


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