Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

March was a good month. The weather was beautiful, the flowers bloomed early, and our birds have been busily building their home. And to top it off, we threw Greer a tea party bridal shower and found out the sex of Hannah's baby (oh yeah, she's expecting!) on her own fun filled birthday. 

Here are a couple photos of Greer's bridal shower...delicious pastries and sandwiches made by Hannah!

The beautiful bride to be with her bridal party.

The "Milne Girls!"

Hannah and Kyle's bebe...IT'S A GIRL! How perfect :)

A snapshot from Hannah's birthday...after a lovely lunch in Yountville, she had her ultrasound (possibly the most amazing thing I've ever witnessed!) and then we went home for presents.

And lastly, an update on my bird friends on the balcony. Just about a month ago, the male House Wren (my best guess at species with help from Google) started building the nest. Apparently the male builds many "dummy" nests, then shows the female her options. She picks her favorite, and then they go to work making it a real home. Well, she must have liked ours best because the two of them have now been bringing in twigs and cotton for the past couple weeks (well, he brings them in while she tweets out orders)!


This is the female, I believe. Barking out her directions!

As far as I can tell, male in the house, doing the building...female down below, telling him what to do!

The queen. 

Action shot.


Vintage print here.

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