Saturday, May 11, 2013

Baby Birds!

On Monday, May 6, our little wren friends experienced a momentous event: the eggs hatched! Honestly, I didn't even know they had been laid yet--both male and female birds had just been going in and out of the nest, but she must have laid them a few weeks ago. Anyway, Monday night Derek and I were watching tv when we heard some very high pitched chirping. We opened our slider door to realize it was coming from the bird house! For the next few days, we couldn't actually see the babies, but we sure could hear them. Daddy bird has been constantly bringing in food. Then today, I was watching the bird activity and noticed I could finally see the babies! Here are some pics of the pops in the tree searching for food, and a couple of the babies in there chirping away. I can't tell how many there are, I could really only see two but I think there might be three or four. 


Make sure to watch these videos. The first one on the left was taken on Tuesday, and note how high pitched the sounds of the babies are. Then the other video was just today, and not only can you see the babes, but you can see the gnarly food their father brought them!

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Anonymous said...

So cool! Incredible to be sharing living space with another wild animal. A frikkin tiny dinosaur family as roommates :)