Monday, June 10, 2013

Greer and Austin's Wedding

This is a post loaded with pictures from our wedding. I had such a great time planning our wedding. I made most all of the decorations (Kerry helped me with some! Thanks Kerry) and planned almost all of it myself (no planner!) but it couldn't have happened without our family and friends.

We were so fortunate to have friends who provided important things for our day...drinks, flowers, you name it! My amazing and pregnant sister Hannah made our cake (with my vintage cake topper!) and her amazing chef boyfriend Kyle made the food for our lunchtime wedding. We cannot thank everyone enough!!!

I wanted our wedding to feel like we were all stepping into a different time. I searched and searched for a venue that would feel authentically old fashioned. (I say "I" and not "we" because Austin wanted me to have my dream wedding and since I don't work full time like he does it was my job to plan our wedding...which makes sense since I am unable to let other people plan my things because I am picky and want things to be a VERY specific way!) I found countless venues online that tried to feel "vintage" and I just wasn't feeling them. Then one day I came across a place called Joyful Ranch in the valley behind Vacaville. Austin and I visited the property and found that it belongs to a woman named Ethel Hoskins who is the granddaughter of William James Pleasants, the man who built it in 1891. Ethel was so helpful and kind and told us that because there are no heirs to follow in her footsteps of living and taking care of the property she created a foundation meant to preserve and educate people about it for years to come. We loved this. We felt no pressure to spend thousands of dollars to have our wedding there as they do at other venues. It felt like Joyful Ranch was a hidden gem.

 We had our ceremony in the almond (walnut?) orchard on the property. I had always wanted to be married in an orchard and when we saw that she had one I was thrilled. Ethel has so many neat places on her property and lets you pick anything spot you want for your wedding. She really was so great to work with!

Anne of Green Gables was my general inspiration for our special day. I wanted it to feel simple, sweet, and authentic. Austin's friend (and groomsman) Jon is a DJ so I was able to make a playlist with songs I handpicked that would help set the scene. I believe that music is SO important in creating special moments. For example, when we are driving through fields of farming we could easily turn on the radio and listen to the latest pop song on the radio but that wouldn't enhance the scenery. Instead, if we play soft bluegrass you can look out the window and let your imagination soar! You're taken to a different place.
Ok where was I?
Oh yes! So I put Billie Holliday, Sidney Bechet, Louis Armstrong, and other jazz musicians on my playlist and I was so happy with the mood it created. It was almost like living in my own personal dream land.

As you will see there was quite a bit of crying throughout the day. Austin and I truly grew up together (we began dating when I was 15 and he was 17, nine years ago) so it felt like our wedding was what all of those years were leading up to. Austin is not the type to show a lot of emotion so when I saw him crying as I walked toward him down the aisle I just lost it. We have been together through all of the wonderful times in our lives as well as the very sad and it just felt really great to marry my best friend who I had experienced it all with. We have a bond that is deeper than I realize sometimes!

Below are the photos of our special day. My close friend Michael Thurin was our photographer and it was really nice having him capture it all.

I walked down the aisle to "Love Theme" from the film Picnic, one of my favorite movies.

After we kissed and were announced as husband and wife Ethel rang the bells from the bell tower she has behind her home. It was magical!
My Bridesmaids

The Three (Mainstreet!) Sisters
My Austin
Our beautiful cake made by Hannah
Our food table before the food was actually put on it! Kyle prepared "upscale picnic" food for our guests. Think... dill red potato salad, a cucumber salad, ham and cheese for guests to make sandwiches...
Our reception was held in front of the white Victorian surrounded by olive trees.
Our close family friend Rosie did all of the flower arrangements. They were perfect!!
Our guestbook.

Thank you for looking through moments of our special day!

- Greer

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Jess said...

what a beautiful setting and congrats on your marriage. many happy and fruitful years to you both.