Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Boardwalk Empire

Have I talked about how much we love Boardwalk Empire?
In my opinion it is the best show on Television.
Even though I sometimes have no idea what is going (and have to have Jessica explain it to me!) I just love it.
I love music from the 1920's.
What other 22 year old do you know that has a 1920's Dimestore CD in her car at all times?
(If you do too: Hi! Nice to meet you!!)

I also LOVE the sets.
Below are some screenshots that show the perfection that is Boardwalk Empire.

Nucky's greenhouse.

Below are two shots from my favorite set.

Jimmy and Angela's beach house.

I love all the windows and mixture of dark wood and painted white wood.
Windows = natural lighting = good.
I did the math on that all by myself. No calculator.

The boardwalk is basically Main Street at Disneyland.
(aka my idea of heaven)

Always love Nucky's costumes.
Especially the red carnation.

Also, I just recently discovered that I'm attracted to men with long hair on top and shaved sides...?

(and pouty lips)

Who knew???

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Kerry Rivers said...

I hope they replay the seasons so I can start watching!