Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy March!

I love spring, and to me, the beginning of March is the beginning of spring...I don't care if it's technically 21 (ish) days until winter is over; in Irvine it is sunny and warm and beautiful (we might be a bit spoiled here).  The birds are chirping and the smell of blooming flowers fills the air. 

And this year, I am even more excited than usual because a bird is nesting in our birdhouse! Peter made me a birdhouse for my birthday (hey, he sells em, too, if you like it!), and I put it out on our balcony when we moved in. The other day I noticed a little bird checking it out, and the very next day he  (I assume?) was bringing in sticks! So the last couple days I've been watching him in the morning working hard at building a nest. He is so darn cute that today I had to snap some shots to share with y'all.



I am so excited about this, I think it may qualify as a smelling the roses type moment.


Anonymous said...

While the birds are interesting and all, whoever designed the birdhouse is some kind of genius!

Main Street said...

Hmmm....wonder who "anonymous" is!!? hahah